Looking for Answers

What's this all about?

It’s been a difficult summer, but there’s light on the horizon -- Insecure is coming back to HBO for Season Three! The new season starts on August 15 and we are eagerly counting down the days. 

But sadly, it looks like the rumors floating around the past several weeks are turning out to be true. Jay Ellis’ Lawrence might not come back for another season of Insecure.

Not cool! Not only because Jay Ellis has a huge and devoted fan base -- but because Lawrence is an awesome complex character that we want to see more of. It’s time to get LOUD to bring him back! Sign and SHARE this petition to tell HBO to bring Lawrence back to Insecure! 


When Insecure premiered in 2016, it was a revelation. The show portrays a new and relatable perspective on race, identity, dating, sex, career, and friendship. While show creator Issa Rae brought a welcomed focus on the stories and perspectives of women of color -- it was also amazing to watch actor Jay Ellis’ portrayal of Issa’s (then) boyfriend, Lawrence. 


Lawrence was something new for TV. He’s a strong black man who also isn’t afraid to be emotionally vulnerable. (And uh, it also doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty hot too…) Over the past two seasons, Jay Ellis has portrayed the conflicted and realistic ways Lawrence has dealt with difficult and rarely explored issues for men such as infidelity, male friendship, depression, and toxic masculinity. 

We want Jay Ellis back as Lawrence back on Insecure Season 3! Please sign our petition to make sure HBO hears from every Insecure and Jay Ellis fan to bring back Lawrence.


Last year, Insecure’s raw season finale showed Issa and Lawrence finally reckoning with their painful break-up -- ending in an emotional fantasy sequence that imagines them getting back together. But instead of getting back together, Issa and Lawrence go their separate ways. 

While we are excited to see what’s in store for Issa, we refuse to allow this to be the end of Lawrence's story. We know if we can get enough fans to sign, we can convince HBO to finish Lawrence’s story on Insecure!  

Sign our petition to HBO pleading for Jay Ellis to return as Lawrence -- then SHARE far and wide so that everyone who loves Lawrence can have their voice heard. We want Lawrence back!